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Class Times & Fees are on our Welcome page. 
 Aikido Association Inc M/ship required for Sports Liability & Personal Accident insurance cover.                                                         
Sensei Hanifa Leoni Macfarlane 7th Dan UA, 
8th Dan Japan Aikido Association. 0413 425 852

Our demo at the Bream Creek Show
Nicky & Steve Black with Ben Moell & DR Lito in Samurai gear

The team in action; kids juniors & adults having Aikido fun!

Ben doing an Aikido roll over "The Crocodile" onto our crash-mat.
We were a presence at the Bream Creek Show & we all had a great day. The weather was brilliant, the crowds enormous & with good snack food & crafts at the many stall we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks to all the Team & parents who came. 


Ogilvie Girls School is doing a series of classes with us. Their teacher has been walking the girls up to the Dojyo on a weekday for an Aikido experience. We do some basic self defence, like blocking attacks and balance breaking the attacker, keeping balance when pushed or pulled, safe falling and escaping from holds. We also have a play with the soft swords which gives us the chance for quite a bit of fun and the moves are good for self defence.
One of the girls, Brooke, really took to Aikido, is blessed with a natural gift of movement and is coming to our regular classes as well. Here she is with sensei Joseph. You can see some clips of her progress at this link.

Progress on the Painting preparation.
Adam is the organiser of the Maintenance team & he's doing most of the work, too. The 'No more gaps work is nearly complete so with the new ENORMOUS gas heater and no gaps the dojo is more & more comfortable. Thanks Adam & the team of helpers. Special thanks to Ben's Dad Rob for his professional painting work recently on the doors & window frames. It makes such a difference. Your Dojyo is becoming more beautiful as well as functional.

Sensei Christine's ladies Self Defence on Tuesday evening at 6.30pm - 8pm is progressing and welcomes new members.
Sensei James's Men's Function Fitness Thursday pm uses martial skills to acquire fitness & flex.

The Crash Mats bought with our equipment grant from the Glenorchy City Council have been ordered and paid and we will pick them up as soon as they are available. Thanks a lot City of Glenorchy.

May News: visiting sensei, market postponed to Spring

We had a great visit from Aikido sensei Julius Aib & one of his senior lady students, Irene Metter. Thanks for coming.
Sensei Julius teaches Aikido in Melbourne. He has studied many styles and now formed his own school incorporating Yoga. He was a former student of sensei John Gay. He visited us for the opening & took some great pics which he kindly gave us for our publicity.
We trained together at the Dojyo on Saturday, shared lunch and did a pre-paint working bee which they helped us with. Thanks so much. We just received some excellent photos from Julius of our garden and some of us at the end of training. We liked these.

We need lavender cuttings for the front garden, please!


Kids & Parents 10-11 Saturday.
Samurai kids: Monday & Wednesday 3.30-4.30, Saturday 10-11am,
older Kids may extend to 11.30am
Juniors/Teens: 4.30-5.30 Monday & Wednesday, Saturday 11-1pm
Home-schooled Juniors can also attend 10am-12noon Mon & Wed.
Adults: Monday & Wednesday 10am-12noon, 6.30-8.30pm,
Saturday 11am-1pm
Mature Age Adults: Tuesday 6-7pm.
Women's Self Defence Tuesday 6.30-8pm.
Men's Functional Fitness Thursday 7-8.30pm.

Next Craft Market fundraiser Sat. May 16 or 23nd To be decided soon!

Contact sensei Hanifa 0413 425 852 for stall bookings. $20 per stall from 9am-3pm. Set up by 8.30am. Supply own trestle or table. Inside and outside places available.

April showers, garden & Dojyo growing well! Saturday morning Kids & Parents class booming.

April is here and the winter rains have fallen early, so trees in our garden are growing abundantly. Soon, when sipping coffee in the Japanese front garden, we won't be able to see the mountain for birch leaves; until they fall!
Women's Self Defence night [Tues. 6.30-8pm] with sensei Christine Benbow, 2nd Dan U.A. is building up as the word gets around about what a good class it is.
Thanks to all the coffee drinkers etc & generous doners.
We made our monthly TARGETS!!!
MAY 23 likely next Fundraising Market
Great news from the fund-raising pole. We reached our $500 per month target on average through Jan. Feb. & March. We are buying our building for ourselves and each dollar raised is worth almost $2.50, because we are saving on interest by fund-raising above the regular mortgage payments. Great work all. Keep it up. Dojyo organic coffee $3, instant coffee & tea $2, biscuits 50c.

Dojo open for 2009 on Sat. 3 Jan. Happy New Year

Dojo now reopened. New Times/Days. Tues & Thurs classes move to Mon & Wed. See class times page for details.
New Master Class for older adults with sensei James Carolan 2nd Dan, Thurs 6.30-7.30pm starts Jan. 8 '09.

GRADING 13 DEC. Dojyo closed 21-28 Dec.

All grades, Samurai Kids, Teens & Adults are invited to attend the upcoming grading. Grading fees to Unity Aikido apply. Samurai Kids $15, Juniors $17 & Kyu Grade Adults $25, Dan Grade is specific to each Dan. There will be a BBQ after the grading and the Xmas Market pre-buy in the Heritage Chapel.
The Dojyo will be closed for the XMAS WEEK ONLY. Classes start again on 29th DEC.